How can you capture this unique life?

Funeral Services can reflect the personality of your loved one and be a celebration of who they were. Consider his or her passions, hobbies, pastimes, likes and dislikes. Be creative as you can together with your family, friends, funeral director and person who will lead the service. Memories are the most precious legacy we have after someone we loved dies.

Create a “Memory Board” or “Memory Table”

If the person who died had a favorite hobby, consider setting up a display that represents this (i.e. fishing tackle, bridge table, golf clubs, musical instrument with sheet music). Physical objects that link family and friends to the person who died can also be displayed (i.e. special articles of clothing, favorite toys for a child, an old soccer jersey or curling sweater, achievement awards etc). You could also set out family photo albums and framed pictures. Memory tables are a good place to gather and share memories of the person who died.

Living Eulogy

Beaverlodge Funeral Service will transfer your home movies, photos and music to DVD and have it played at the service. We will create for you a DVD and preserved for future generations and provide a sense of history.


Consider music that was meaningful to the person who passed or to your family. We can help you co-ordinate your music selections and ensure that they are played at the appropriate time during the ceremony. We can also help you with selecting live music options including soloists and pianists.


Take the time to go through your photos with family and friends. This can be a time to share memories, as well as bring together some wonderful captured moments to display.