In a painful situation, Steve and Andrea were reassuring and knew how to help, they were always very clear and able to explain anything I needed to know about the funeral process. They were very efficient about getting our mother's ashes back to us in the time frame we were told. We received superior service and a convenient location to meet.

~Rota Family 

The staff at Beaverlodge Funeral Service were considerate, knowledgeable, and friendly. Steve and Andrea were so caring and made us feel so comfortable during this difficult time.

~Silvaniuk Family 

Beaverlodge Funeral Service served our family with care and compassion from start to finish. The professionalism of the staff was outstanding during a difficult time. The fact we were able to meet in Beaverlodge was so convenient for our family. 

~Harpe Family 

Steve was very understanding and caring, we received wonderful service across the board from our first call to our last visit with Tina for Aftercare.  The fact they were able to come to me was so helpful. 

~ Pederson Family 

The support and practical advice we received was superior. All of our needs were understood and met with compassion. Tina with the aftercare program was so knowledgeable and helpful with the all the paperwork that followed my mother's passing. 

 ~ Foster Family 

We received superior care with the loss of our loved one. Chris & Andrea were so compassionate, caring and understanding, and professional. 

~ Martin Family 

The staff was kind, professional and knowledgeable, it was so wonderful to be able to meet in a convenient location for our family who is from Beaverlodge. Our Funeral Director Steve was was attentive to all of our needs. 

~ McPhail Family